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The main aim of this study to conduct surveillance program of surgical wound infections and to improve surgical practice by surgeons and otherhealthcare professionals. This study describes the results obtained in an epidemiological study of surgical wound infections through an active surveillance program lasting one year in surgical unit of a rural teaching hospital. It is a prospective observational study including patients of surgery ward of Rajah Muthaiah Medical College Hospital who have developed surgical wound infections during hospitalization. Among admissions in surgery ward, 300 cases were screened to have developed surgical wound infections. The most common microorganisms responsible for the infections observed were mainly gram negative and the most commonly isolated were Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli Highest numbers of cases were observed after Wound debridement and Incision and Drainage operative procedures. Among wound Classes, dirty wounds have found to be highest . Superficial incision site infections were highest among other surgical sites. These nosocomial infection surveillance programs of nosocomial infections in rural setting are very rarely