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Biradarism is a burning issue of electoral politics in sub-continent. It become more important during elections that voters Cast their votes to biradaries/Castes rather than Political ideology. Biradarism is a modern form of Aryan social system. Collection of castes is called Biradari and trend to follow the Biradari's traditions is termed as Biradarism. In the contemporary division of classes in Muslim community of the sub-continent is called Biradarism. This system having hundreds years backed history and now become part of the political process. In case of Punjab which seems to nullify that tendency but not completely diminish due to its traditional values. So its impact on National, Provincial and particularly local bodies Structure cannot be overlooked. Moreover, during the election process tickets are distributed on Biradari bases by political parties for general elections. While, this trend of political parties is promoting Biradarism in this part of Pakistan and this behavior does not seem to end in nearest future. The famous biradaies in Pakistan are Jatt, Rajpoot, Gujjar, Arain, Baloch and syed. That clan politics is existing around the world in its different forms.