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This book examines methods for teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Egyptian preparatory schools, specifically the use of listening comprehension in English language classes. As a long-time teacher of preparatory school students, Mohamed Eltawila noticed that his colleagues were not using listening comprehension in their teaching, although listening exercises were in the textbooks and there was time to teach them during the instruction period. Instead, teachers were concentrating on speaking, reading and writing skills. Eltawila used interviews with ten colleagues at a public school in rural Egypt to explore the reasons why listening comprehension tended to be overlooked. Based on results of a questionnaire and review of the literature, Eltawila presents a set of recommendations for including more listening comprehension in Egyptian instruction of the English language. He concluded that EFL teachers at schools in Egypt need more training in teaching listening comprehension; teaching aids that include listening comprehension; improved supervision that includes listening comprehension; and class examinations that include listening comprehension.