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Kenya and South Sudan have a long shared history of friendship beginning with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in the year 2005 which was brokered by Kenya. Upon South Sudan’s independence the two neighboring countries established close economic relations to boost their development. The primary focus of this book is on Kenya’s economic diplomacy in South Sudan. Kenya has conducted economic diplomacy in South Sudan through capacity building and technical assistance, providing business support to the South Sudanese, exporting of foodstuffs, the use of the Mombasa port to the South Sudanese for its export and import trade among other initiatives. This work is guided by the economic interdependence theory. The main argument of the economic interdependence theory is that today there are numerous ways that link states. Economic diplomacy has assumed a significant part in international trade particularly in the case of the two countries. Economic Diplomacy is the trade interaction that takes place between two countries. This trade interaction involves exchange of goods and services, free movement of people, the bargaining process, negotiations among other factors.