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Contemporary people get used to such common words as "dictate", "dictatorship", "dictator". However, these concepts have been hiding a very complicated and often tragic history not only of a single person, but of a whole epoch and people. In the present philosophical treatise, the author synthesized the human knowledge and the accumulated experience in an attempt to find out a nature and an essence of dictate, to figure out its most important reasons and the most characteristic forms of manifestation. A great attention is paid to historical chronology. Different factors of social-political, scientific-technological, economic, cultural and psychological characters, are comprehensively analyzed. The book content and the way of its material presentation are supposed to be made for readers with a certain degree of education. However, the author suggests that mastering of global regularities and an essence of historical events will help readers to develop a more objective judgment about features of the contemporary dictatorship and to make a more well-grounded prediction of the future.For philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, organizers of production, education, and government.