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Fluoride (F) toxicity has become a global problem today and needs great concern.F contaminated drinking water could be injurious to bone marrow cells (BMCs) evidenced by chromosomal aberrations (CAs),reduced rate of cell division and induction of apoptosis.As little as 3.4 mg F ion/L in the drinking water F found to be genotoxic,whereas higher concentrations seemed to be less toxic.It results depletion of GSH level and increase in GST activity,MDA production as well as expression of Hsp 70.The tissue-specific pattern of Hsp synthesis may provide a useful toxicological signature to characterize F toxicity.Depletion of endogenous GSH by BSO significantly enhanced the frequency of aberrations.NAC pre-treatment not only led to significant increase in GSH level but also significantly decreased the NaF induced CAs.These indicate the involvement of endogenous GSH in determining F-induced genotoxicity in mouse BMCs.Supply of safe water may be a simpler way to tackle the F-toxicity in large F-endemic population.This book may draw a general concern on the safety level of F contamination and help to better understand the mechanism of action of its genotoxicity and concomitant GSH metabolism.