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The relationship between women and environment is closely related. It indicates a reciprocal relationship based on intrinsic knowledge, co-existence, mutual understanding and plural activities. It is pivotal for attaining sustainable development and ensuring justice and peace in the society. But global climate change poses a deadly threat to the livelihood of people especially women through breaking this relationship in Bangladesh. In a developing country like Bangladesh, women play important roles in household chores especially for food security activities. But women face double hazards due to gender inequalities and global climate change. This paper aims to explore the impact of climate change on women and food security in Bangladesh. It also examines the existing societal and cultural practices that impact on gender inequality and capacity building of women to ensure food security. The unequal gender relations and adverse impacts of global climate change contribute to jeopardize the livelihood of women in Bangladesh. This book also analyzes the policy issues for overcoming the gender inequalities and backdrops of global climate change in Bangladesh.