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Life is pretty much a bag of treats when you're an endlessly energetic Jack Russell Terrier. For Fenway, days are filled with important things like defending the Dog Park from evil squirrels, snuggling with Hattie, and catching up on the neighborhood gossip with the next-door dogs Goldie and Patches. But that all changes the day a fiendish intruder begins wreaking havoc in Food Lady's vegetable garden. Why does everyone assume Fenway's to blame? And then the worst happens: Hattie brings another intruder inside the very house: he's fluffy, he twitches evilly, and he smells worse than squirrels... He's a bunny. An evil bunny. And Fenway can't fathom why, but Hattie ADORES him. Goldie and Patches warn him that short humans are fickle: you can't trust them not to give up one pet for another. Fenway can't believe his own Hattie would choose another pet over him. But when he takes matters into his own paws and chases the bunny away, he realizes he may have made a mistake. Is his heart big enough to accept that Hattie can love another pet too--and is he tough enough to take on an entire gang of evil bunnies?