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Water is known to be a fundamental element of all forms of life. It is commonly used as solvent, for drinking, for cleaning purposes and various other ways. Needless to say, it has to be clean water. Water pollution on the other hand, decreases the water’s usefulness economically and aesthetically. When water becomes polluted, it brings danger to our health and to the other living things. The most serious effects of water pollution are infectious diseases, which commonly occur in developing countries, where there is a problem with sanitation. Water-borne diseases occurs when microscopic causal organisms spread through water body,90% of the world diseases are cause due to water contamination. Groundwater and Surface-Water Interactions: As development of land and water resources increases, it is apparent that development of either of these resources affects quantity and quality of the other. Nearly all surface- water features interacts with groundwater. These interactions take many forms. In many situations, surface water bodies gain water and solutes from ground water system and in others the surface water is a source of ground water recharge and cause changes in ground water