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The rapidly developing high-value agriculture sector particularly the emerging supply chains of vegetables and spices has important implications on the income of women. Thus, the integration of vegetables and spices with skills and market could improve the income of women. Production of vegetables and spices generate considerable employment through intensive production and more off-farm jobs in processing, packaging, and marketing. The gender gaps in access to resources and differential opportunities to invest and make use of human capital have serious consequences for well being of society. This study, therefore, provides the role and benefits of women, associated constraints and suggests possible interventions in the value chains of vegetables and spices. The analysis helps guiding policy makers and development planners in the design of agricultural projects and addresses the needs of women in the value chains of vegetables and spices. The study also  serve as an input for researchers who may undertake further research to develop appropriate women supportive extension systems and to advocate the role of women and how the value chains can empower women socially and economically.