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Studies of the subversive economy have focused on the scope, reasons, penalties, features, and effects of government policies on shadow economy. Little is known about public perception of shadow economy. This is the first time public perception of Off the Books activities has been estimated globally. There are important reasons for concern about the growth of the Off the Books economies. Not only in the American is subversive economy crucial in size, studying it can tell us much about how markets, both legal and illegal, work. This work is not just an academic text but significant for today’s groundbreaking policymaker to understand shadow economy entrepreneurship as very important for developed, OECD, transition, and developing countries since shadow economy is a key factor affecting economic development. Shadow economy was valued to encompass 39 percent of global GDP. Such entrepreneurialism showed the triviality of the government’s overregulated economy, ultimately weakening the ideology and mutineer movement behind it. This work undoubtedly will show up on social science syllabuses in campuses globally. It is believed that many policymakers will placed it on their reading list