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Характеристики the punishment camp

Explanations to the increase in incidences of student indiscipline in schools have been varied and controversy exists among general public as to what contributes to student indiscipline in schools. Some stakeholders in education have attributed the upsurge in student indiscipline to the policy of outlawing of corporal punishment and have thus called for the re-introduction of its use. This book analyses teachers’ attitudes towards outlawing of corporal punishment in Kenya, and also whether their demographic data like gender and age influence their attitudes. The author also examines whether teachers have been trained on alternative methods of discipline like counselling. She observes that teachers have a negative attitude towards outlawing of corporal punishment in schools because their opinions on outlawing of corporal punishment were not sought. This book recommends that the Kenya government should train the teachers on alternative methods to corporal punishment and also create awareness on the overall effects of corporal punishment on the child. This book is relevant to teachers, teacher training colleges and policy makers in Education in Kenya and elsewhere.